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  How much will it cost to fix my clock?

  • Clocks need to be evaluated prior to any quote for repair.
  • When I come to your home, there is $150.00 fee. That fee may be applied towards repairs if work is done.
  • Field service of clocks by things such as applying clock oil will not fix your clock.
  • Sometimes clock movements can be rebuilt, or replaced.  You will receive a quote prior to any repairs.

  How long will it take to fix my clock?

  • Repair time is dependent upon the kind of repair needed and the kind of clock brought in for repair.
  • An general estimate on time can usually be given once the clock is looked at.
  • Usually repairs take between 1 - 3 months.
  • When parts need to be ordered, the parts may have to come from Germany and often the parts are back ordered. During certain times of the year, European companies are closed for the holidays and vacation times. Parts ordered during November, may not be available for a few months and again are subject to back orders and availability.
  • I can appreciate the desire to have your clock repaired quickly, especially for the holidays, or special times of the year.  Realistically, some repairs simply take several months, due to the availability of parts.
  • Clocks that were serviced by a different clock shop, may have issues caused by prior workmanship. Any issues will have to be addressed while at the workbench.