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Mechanical clock movements are general made using various grades and thickness of brass and metals  The power that moves the gear trains may be by spring, or suspended weights and electricity.  Each gear train works in harmony with the entire movement, that is one train may control the playing of chimes, another train controls the pendulum and another train may operate the strike that counts the hour of the day.

As the years go by, the clock movement experiences normal wear and component fatigue.  The gears are all interrelated and the part of the gear that extends to the inside and outside brass plates are called pivots and they turn within the bushings in the plates

Clocks must be properly serviced every three years to apply a high grade horological oil in the proper locations of the clock movement.  Applying oil will not fix a clock, but will help keep it running for an extended period of time.

Eventually the gear pivots will become rough and will require polishing, or replacement.  The bushings will ear out and need to be replaced.

Other components, such as springs will fatigue and need to be replaced.

Often clock movements are no longer available and the only option is to restore them with available and custom made parts.  Oaks Clocks offers clock restoration. Please call (805) 428-8463 to schedule the repair of your clock movement.

Oaks Clocks repairs mechanical antique clock movements due to wear

  • Replace worn gears

  • Replace broken clock gear pivots

  • Machine clock movements by replacing worn bushings

  • Replace broken springs

Clock Movement Machining and Restoration

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